Wat betreft den bruul

OVER HERE THE SAME, if on the possibility to add a template, would be great, for example, the email adress in this field is root@flextras.be so if that text, paceholder right?


Den Bruul is een vrijetijdscentrum met vergader- en feestzalen. Een gigantische binnenspeeltuin, een bowlingcenter, een buffetrestaurant en vergaderzalen vind je allemaal terug in Geel.





Ideal would be that i could place a template text that most posters will use/can change, but including titles and what they should put in as text. So can i change the placeholder text also for the big description blocks?

For example,



“put some text for the jobs over here, like where they should be working,



if it’s for a job in a restaurant as a waiter, they should be able to fill in their details,


Another job Description





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